CNC Wood Carvings

CNC Wood Carving

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machining is a means to remove wood with high precision machines, using a wide variety of cutting tools to create the final design. CNC wood carving is generally for highly detailed jobs like plaques, signs, custom carvings, wall panels, and other decorative detail work. We can utilize CNC services in conjunction with a larger job, or as a standalone service. We provide CNC Services with 2D and 3D capabilities. We can work contractors or Architects who have a particular radius or unique project that’s needs CNC attention

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Call TCS Woodworking at 410-662-5959 or use our contact form to get let us know what you’re looking for in the way of CNC wood carving. We serve clients in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Harford County, and Cecil County areas. We will also travel to other parts of Maryland, depending on the scope of your project.